Andrea’s Word 2014: Trust

Peter Paul Rubens. Daniel in the Lions' Den. 1615 photo by Jason Stern

Peter Paul Rubens. Daniel in the Lions’ Den. 1615 [Photo by Jason Stern]

I might have guessed my word would be “grow” or “thrive.”

After all, isn’t that what comes after a season of pruning? But I felt that I was dreading 2014, afraid of what potential terrible things it might hold. After all, it has felt like my word for 2013 was “pain.” And as I embraced that pain, God brought healing. Yet, I could perceive how 2014 could be even worse. I sought the Lord because I knew I wouldn’t be able to think clearly and hear what He was saying if I was being bound up in fear and hopelessness.

He told me that He was excited for me, because pruning is an honor from the Father not given to just anyone. It meant that God has good things in store for me. And the Father cares too much to leave me in my pain.

After receiving this truth, I heard Him say that my word for 2014 is TRUST.

Before I can begin to grow and flourish, I have to learn to trust and put down new roots. Last year, life was shaken.

This year, my purpose is to re-establish my trust in God, people, my husband, and myself. Without that, I will not grow in any of those areas of relationship.

So that is exciting to me, that this will be a year of rebuilding my foundations, beginning to put out new roots. I pray that God will give me strength to receive and will direct where those roots are to go.

Have you found yourself shaken when you have pursued God?


2 thoughts on “Andrea’s Word 2014: Trust

  1. This is beautiful. I love how honest you are with yourself. And with us.

    And yes. I have been shaken when pursuing Him. But I think, maybe, I’m finding some sure ground (finally).

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