“We’re meant to…

“We’re meant to share our secrets – our hearts – our stories. We’re designed for deep and meaningful relationships. Not many people want it, because we’re programmed to hide. We live in an atmosphere of Shame and Fear and Control. But you are not tethered to this world. You are flying above, in the free expanse of heaven.”

Wise words from Susan D. Schiller


Like a Bowl of Green Peaches

They look like this. [Image by Sally and Barry*]

I just removed all of the peaches from my peach tree.

Why did you do that Jason?

Because it wasn’t yet good for the trees to grow fruit.

We planted these little fellas about a year ago. They made it through the winter and grew out new shoots and leaves in the spring.

The kids and I were actually surprised to find lots of little peaches on them. And they were equally surprised when I removed them.

Trees only produce so much energy when they’re growing.  I took them off because I want the tree to grow stronger roots and bulk up its size before it spends its energy producing fruit.  Think there’s a metaphor in there?  Youbetcha.

There’s a time for growing fruit and there’s a time for being pruned. Granted, I wasn’t pruning branches at this time, but popping those little fuzzy green peaches was pruning, just the same.

Sometimes I want to produce fruit in myself before it’s time.  I imagine all leaders do.  There’s a drive inside that pushes us to lead, chomping at the bit, I suppose.

I think that’s likely the good intention that drove Moses when he took it upon himself to fight off the abusive Egyptian taskmaster who was beating his fellow Israelite–and ended up killing the man.

It wasn’t time for Moses. In fact, it wasn’t time for a LONG time.  The Master Gardener uprooted Moses, a carefully cultivated tree who’d been in the luxuries of the Egyptian royal court, and sent him to grow out in the wild desert for forty years.  It wasn’t time yet to bear fruit. Much pruning and strengthening was required for the task that only the Father knew was coming ahead.

Forty years is much longer than most growing seasons, but for some people–especially it seems for leaders–God requires them to grow out of public sight for a time.  And only He knows when they’re ready.

When these mature, strong “trees” with deep roots and healthy branches are ready, they produce amazing fruit. The Master makes sure of it, just like I expect our scrawny little peach trees will. One day life will be a bowl of ripe peaches.




*I already threw out our peaches, so I borrowed this lovely image of a bucket of green peaches. Ours looked just like them.