Marriage Is Not A Democracy

I couldn’t agree more.

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I’ve read much on marriage over the years. Some is wonderful, some is funny, some is heart-wrenching and some is just plain stupid.

Here’s one of the worst: In a marriage the husband and wife each have a say in making family decisions, but if they don’t agree then the husband has the final say. They both get to vote; the husband’s vote just counts more.

Marriage isn’t a lopsided democracy

Marriage isn’t anything like a democracy. The Bible says that in marriage the woman and man become one, and that means they act together. There’s no tie-breaking vote because there’s no vote taken in the first place. It’s about working together at all times, mutually submitting to one another at all times, and going through life together at all times.

Why is it so hard for men-get-the-deciding-vote people to see this is what the Bible really teaches? I hate…

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