Hope is the Anthem of my Soul

Hope.  Hope is my word for 2017.

Every year I find a new word as part of the #oneword365 project and last year, my word was “harvest.” I’m still ruminating on why I had that word but didn’t really harvest much. It’s a question I’m leaving out there for the Lord… but… for whatever reason today I have hope. I feel hopeful.

I don’t know why. Nothing has changed much. Things look about as they have, but last night in prayer, I found myself praying words of hope and it sparked in me that I was to hope in Christ, to hope in Him, to HOPE!

Hope is something you have to actively do. It’s not a passive “thing.” It’s a substance similar to faith, but different. Hope is a starting place. It’s not somewhere you end. Perhaps when you’re at your end, you start over with hope? If the choices are despair and hope, I choose hope.

I wonder if maybe I was being pushy last year with my “harvest” desire and that it was me who was so set on a good harvest that I wanted it before it was time.

The last 4 years have been tough. I keep waiting on God to bring a harvest for the all the tough plowing we’ve been doing. And it didn’t show up last year.

I’m so ready for harvest: financially, ministry-wise, relationship-wise. I want to bear good fruit and have something to show for it. I want to know the answer to questions. I want to be so full that we pour out blessings on all those around us.

Jon Foreman, who is singing in an after-concert in the above video I made, wrote a new ballad this year that obviously inspires my word. Here are some of the lyrics:

Hope’s a seed you have to sow
When you let it go it comes to life
So you stretch your arrows on the bow
And you pull them back and watch them fly

My lungs and I were born to fight
Sometimes I’m not sure what I’m fighting for
But death ain’t the only end in sight
‘Cause this ain’t a battle it’s a lifelong war

My heart is beating like a blown speaker
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weaker
A distortion pedal and a pair of wings
And an anthem played on broken strings

My heartbeat, my oxygen
My banner, my home
My future, my song
Your hope is the anthem

Your hope is the anthem of my soul
Your hope is the anthem of my soul
Your hope is the anthem of my soul
Your hope is the anthem of my soul
Your hope is the anthem of my soul

Hope is an Anthem – Switchfoot

Now faith is the evidence of things hoped for…


3 thoughts on “Hope is the Anthem of my Soul

  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I’m glad that we are in the same #oneword tribe. Hope indeed has to be the starting place, the anthem, the evidence.

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